What is a Trademark?

A trademark is like a special symbol, design, or word that shows where products or services come from. It helps people tell the difference between things made by one company and things made by other companies. Trademarks can be words, logos, symbols, names, slogans, or a mix of these.

A Guide to Registering a Trademark in Nepal

Why Should One Register a Trademark?

Registering a trademark has many advantages for people and businesses. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should think about getting your trademark registered:

  1. Legal Protection: When you register a trademark, it gives you legal protection. This means others can’t use similar marks for similar goods or services.
  2. Brand Recognition: Having a registered trademark makes your brand more noticeable and memorable. It helps customers easily recognize and trust your products or services.
  3. Market Advantage: Registering a trademark gives you a competitive advantage. It secures exclusive rights. This makes it tough for competitors to copy or benefit from your brand’s success.
  4. Asset Value: When you register a trademark, it becomes a valuable business asset. Over time, it could increase in value, adding to the overall worth of your company.
  5. Global Protection: Registering your trademark worldwide gives it broad protection. This lets your brand grow globally. It also stops competitors from using it without permission in different countries.

Types of Trademark Symbols

Trademark symbols help show the status of a mark and provide info about its protection. There are 3 types of trademark symbols:

  1. Trademark Symbol (™): This symbol means the trademark isn’t officially registered. A business is using it for their products. It’s commonly used during the registration process.
  2. Service Mark Symbol (℠): This symbol indicates an unregistered trademark for services, not goods. Like the Trademark Symbol, it’s used while waiting for the registration of those specific services.
  3. Registered Trademark Symbol (®): This symbol shows that the trademark is officially registered. It’s legally protected under trademark law.
Types of Trademark Symbols

Essential Documents for Registering a Trademark

  • Application Form for trademark registration
  • Copy of the company registration certificate
  • Copy of the PAN certificate
  • Four copies of the trademark specimen
  • Copy of the Power of Attorney
  • Copy of the Board resolution of the company
  • Notarized Charter Documents of the Company

A Guide to Registering a Trademark in 3 Simple Steps

Here is a step-by-step guide to register a trademark in Nepal:

  • Step 1: Fill out the application form provided by the Department of Industry, Nepal. Make sure to include all the necessary documents.
  • Step 2: Pay the trademark registration fee, which is NPR 1,000.
  • Step 3: The Department of Industry will review your application. If your trademark is eligible, they will register it and give you a certificate.

NOTE: The trademark is valid for 7 years from the registration date. Don’t forget to renew it within 35 days after it expires. If you don’t renew within 35 days, you’ll be charged a penalty of NPR 1,000.