The Labor Act, 2017 (2074) Nepal refers to legislative frameworks that outline the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees. These acts typically cover various aspects of employment, including working hours, wages, benefits, workplace safety, discrimination, and dispute resolution.

Date of Authentication: The Labor Act, 2017 (2074) was officially authenticated on September 4, 2017 (19 Bhadra 2074).

Purpose: The primary goal is to amend and consolidate labor-related laws in Nepal.

Repeal of Previous Law: The new act entirely supersedes the Labor Act, 2048 (1992), which is now obsolete.

Implementation: The Labor Act, 2017 (2074) became effective immediately upon authentication.

Stakeholder Involvement: The formulation of this act involved extensive discussions among business entities, trade unions, labor groups, and other stakeholders.

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